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Vkingbeau is a team with more than 10 years of industry experience.After years of development, the company has exported equipment to North America, South America, European Union, South Asia, West Asia, Australia and other regions.Developed a variety of high - quality products.We always adhere to high standards, strict requirements, core components are from Europe and North America, and have formal channel certification.And has obtained a number of invention patents and THE EU CE certification and quality management system certification.And has obtained the Foreign trade license of the People's Republic of China, the import and export right of the Customs of the People's Republic of China and the intellectual property rights of category I.We have our own r&d team, specialized in production, sales, quality control, training and service, aiming to establish the reliability, innovation, high quality and market reputation of The VkingBeau brand.High quality products line with CE,MCE,FDA producing and quality standardExcellent service team and policy to support after sale service work Complete product line to meet various request Quality, Service,Effeciency,Creation is spirit of our team.
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Shanghai, China
주력 제품총 직원
51 - 100 People
총 연간 수익
US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million
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공장 이름
Shanghai Vking Laser Beauty Co., Ltd.
협력 계약
협력 연수
>10 Years
연간 출력 값
$1 Million - $2.5 Million
생산 능력
(제품 이름)rubber products; (연간 생산량) 9000000 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)plastic products; (연간 생산량) 900000 Piece/Pieces
(제품 이름)Hardware products; (연간 생산량) 900000 Piece/Pieces

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공장 이름
협력 계약
협력 연수
>10 Years
연간 출력 값
$500 Thousand - $1 Million
생산 능력
(제품 이름)Plastic products; (연간 생산량) 10000 Combo/Combos
(제품 이름)rubber products; (연간 생산량) 10000 Combo/Combos
(제품 이름)sports goods; (연간 생산량) 20000 Combo/Combos